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Die Nachwuchsgruppe Elektrochemische Umwandlung von CO² sucht:

Postdoctoral scientist (f/m) in electrocatalysis (PhD in Chemistry or related field)

Kennziffer: EE 2017/17

At HZB the Young Investigator Group "Electrochemical Conversion of CO2" focuses on discovering and understanding new pathways for the conversion of renewable electricity into value-added chemicals and fuels using carbon dioxide and water as starting materials. This technology aims to provide both a means of renewable energy storage and a route to carbon dioxide emissions mitigation.

The primary scientific challenges are 1) to control the selectivity toward obtaining the desired products, 2) to minimize the energetic requirement of the conversion reactions, and 3) to drive the reactions at industrially-relevant rates. These challenges demand improvement in catalysts, reactor design, and mechanistic understanding. A primary focus of the research group is the development of novel spectroscopic techniques for operando study of CO2 electrocatalysis under operating conditions.

The research project will take advantage of the world-class user facilities at HZB including the BESSY II synchrotron, the Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory (EMIL), and the Helmholtz Energy Materials Foundry (HEMF).



Please submit your CV with publication record, as well as a cover letter with a brief description of your academic background and research interests and a list of two references with contact information.

Der Arbeitsvertrag ist über 24 Monate befristet. Die Bezahlung erfolgt nach dem Tarifvertag für den öffentlichen Dienst (TVöD-Bund).

Wir bemühen uns, den Anteil an Mitarbeiterinnen zu erhöhen und freuen uns daher besonders über Bewerbungen von Frauen. Schwerbehinderte Bewerberinnen/Bewerber werden bei gleicher Eignung bevorzugt eingestellt.

Sind Sie interessiert? Dann bewerben Sie sich bitte bis spätestens 30.05.2017.

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