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The Graduate School "Materials for Solar Energy Conversion (MatSEC)" is looking for:

PhD Student (f/m)

Kennziffer: MatSEC 2016/3

MatSEC is a member of Dahlem Research School (DRS), which provides a structured graduate education at Freie University Berlin.
MatSEC combines experiment and theory in the areas of material science, crystallography, solid state physics, solid state chemistry, and scientific computing to develop structure-property relations which allow for the design of custom-made materials for solar energy conversion.

Topic of the doctoral Thesis:

Design of efficient and scalable photoelectrochemical cells for solar fuel generation

The aim of this thesis is to design and model efficient and scalable photoelectrochemical cells that directly convert solar energy into chemical fuels. The challenge is to efficiently capture sunlight while minimizing shadowing effects and resistive losses in the electrolyte.


By combining experiments on model systems with modeling and simulation of optical losses and mass transport limitations, the main loss mechanisms will be identified. In addition, the influence of temperature on the individual components (photoelectrodes, catalyst, membrane) and the overall cell performance will be studied, and the possibility to produce gaseous products, such as hydrogen, at elevated pressures will be explored.


HZB grants PhD scholarship for the development of qualified junior scientists. The Phd scholarship is limited to 3 years. The amount of the PhD scholarship complies with the valid PhD scholarship allowances of DFG.

We particularly welcome applications from women. Preference will be given to handicapped applicants provided equal suitability.

Have we sparked your interest? Then we look forward to receiving your application by 08.02.2017

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