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PhD Student (f/m/d) for the Search of Movable Chiral Spin Textures in Thin-Film Antiferromagnets

Reference No.: QM 2022/9

Nanometer-scale solitonic spin textures, such as magnetic domain walls and skyrmions, are promising candidates for applications in data storage, neuromorphic computing, and sensorics. In the Young Investigator Group “MaXRay: Magnetism and Coherent X-Ray Imaging” at HZB, we aim to observe and understand such solitonic spin textures at the smallest length and timescales. We develop x-ray imaging techniques with unsurpassed spatial and temporal resolution, derive analytical models to predict suitable materials to host these nanotextures, grow the corresponding magnetic films with precisely controlled properties, and integrate the materials into functional nano-electronic devices.
Antiferromagnetic materials are particularly attractive in this context because they allow for a much higher density of spin textures and much higher speeds of operation compared to existing ferromagnetic materials. However, experimental techniques to study spin textures in functionalized antiferromagnets are only now becoming available, and even the existence of a solitonic, i.e., uniformly movable spin texture in an antiferromagnet remains to be confirmed.
In this context, we are seeking to hire you as a motivated PhD student who will search for a thin-film antiferromagnetic material (i) in which antiferromagnetic chiral magnetic domain walls or antiferromagnetic skyrmions can be observed and (ii) which can be processed into a functional device such that the domain walls or skyrmions can be nucleated and moved on demand.
Your supervision will be shared between HZB and Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ). At FZJ, theory-based materials screening will be performed by DFT modeling under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Blügel. At HZB, the most promising materials will be grown, structured by nanolithography, and imaged by x-ray imaging techniques.

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